Saturday, December 16, 2017

More chickens

In my last chicken accounting I was planning on making 81 chickens for a 9 by 9 chicken coop. I have come to my senses and am going for a free range coop of 7 by 7 chickens. So happily, with these five new chickens, I only have nine more to make.

To witness accounting transform into quilts, visit the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

I had a problem with a jammed sewing machine this morning. After its service by "It's In the Bag" the needle jammed up in a massive thread knot somewhere above the bobbin. According to the technician, the sewing machine had been under a lot of tension and needed a massage. And yes, that's just technical jargon for pulling the sewing thread away from the machine and covering it with cat spit.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dandy Lion quilt progress

The Dandy Lion quilt binding is finished. The quilt still needs more quilting in the middle section.

For the border, machine quilting emphasizes the rays that extend out from the lion's mane.

And I'll leave it to you to decide what is on the top of the list of Molly's woes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Next Step Ringo Lake

Here are my units from the third step of the Ringo Lake Mystery with Bonnie Hunter.

I am surprised that this mystery was so easy to guess. We're only at the third step, and its quite obvious that we're making flying nine-patch houses.

This is the Suburbs Version.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Here is the latest doll quilt machine quilted and bound. I was very happy how the diamond fabric made a wonderful binding. Shall we call it quirky?

And speaking of quirky, here's Molly taking a sunbath in the sewing room. Unfortunately, my fabric stash also gets a sun bath, so some reorganization may be necessary.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pink Postage Finish

Here is the pink postage doll quilt...finished! It's quilted and bound. And if you're wondering about its just covers Molly except for her tail. And yes, after she knocked it to the floor, I looked up (I mean down) from what I was doing, and saw the quilt on the floor. It was a bit lumpy with Molly's tail sticking out from under it.

I do like this a lot and think that this will be one of my patterns for next RSC challenge. This came together quickly because I already had lots of pink postage stamp blocks...but I think this will be fun to put together throughout the year.

And here in Portland, OR, you can sleep in late on Sunday and still catch the sunrise. If I go over to the newer part of the neighborhood...the area with McMansions, there is a view of Mt. Hood.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chicken Progress

Given this is the holiday season, this speedy chicken suggests that deviled eggs and limeade are excellent contributions to a potluck.

Here are the three chickens that I made today. I am hoping to make 81 chickens.

This is the chicken spreadsheet (not the layout). The columns are the colors. Now I just need to make nine in each color. So obviously, I need to stop making deviled eggs and let more of the eggs hatch. In the meantime, I recommend a trip to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge to see more quilt progress.

Friday, December 8, 2017

More speedy chickens

Here's another foxy chicken. I have made enough of these now to have developed a rhythm to make them. Although I'm sure many of you would not like to have chicken combs and beaks piled up next to your sewing machine.

And here are the four chickens I made today. I also made some IKEA furniture. As expected, Molly was there to carefully supervise. In particular, she likes to demonstrate the reasons that bags and stray bits have large warning signs on them. Sometimes she even runs off with things to show her brother.